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Stephanie Hanson Hypnotherapist

How can I help?

There really is no limit to how Hypnotherapy can help you. I've worked with many clients with problems ranging from fears

to habits. Below are some examples of the work I've done. However this list is in no way complete. Please get in touch if

you don't see the issue that's affecting you.

Smoking, Drinking & Drug Related issues - One of the most common problems relates to habits built up over many

years. These can be extremely difficult to overcome on your own. Using Hypnotherapy I can help you.

Fears and Phobias - We can reduce the anxiety you feel during moments of panic to manage your fears and

eventually rid you of them completely.

Anxiety and Stress - There are many situations in life that can cause us to feel stressed. Using my techniques, we

will enable you to take a different look at even the most stressful situations and let you take them in your stride.

Public Speaking - I've helped people speak at work in front of a handful of people to those speaking in front of

hundreds. Whether it's work or at a wedding, sometimes those nerves can simply stop you speaking. Together we

can ensure that you conquer your speaking fears.

Driving - Often people fail their tests because of nerves, not driving skills. Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to

remove nerves during your driving lessons and particularly on your test day. As well as new drivers, I've worked with

those struggling to cope with the ever increasing hectic traffic to make them more confident on longer journeys.

Dentists - Need I say more?

Again, if you have an issue that's not listed, do get in touch and I'm sure I can help.